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Bad ideas can’t hide in print and good ideas deserve to shine. That’s why de Persgroep proudly presented the third edition of the Creative Press Challenge in 2015. A competition challenging the advertising industry to go back to the core. The winning idea will be promoted in de Volkskrant and sent off to Cannes.




Last year more than 70 teams literally fought together. With every punch on an interactive punch ball, the creatives fought against cancer in order to unlock their briefing. In this brief they were told to make their best print ad of the year for Fight cancer. Watch the casemovie and be inspired! Curious about last year's entries? Check out the Creative Press Challenge Gallery.




Limore Noach, Director Fight cancer

After studying Law in Amsterdam and New York, Limore (37) started her career at ING Group in 2003. After working in several sales and marketing positions, she became responsible for a project called ‘ING Chances for Children’. In 2010 she left for New York again, where she worked for UNICEF and continued to do so after returning to the Netherlands. Limore started as Director of Fight cancer in July 2013 and she believes in making the impossible possible.

“Together we can creatively challenge people to bring this important cause to the attention of others.’


Darre van Dijk, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather

Besides being creative director at Ogilvy & Mather he is also a musical talent. These two worlds often come together in his work, which has won 160 awards, both nationally and internationally, of which 12 are Cannes Lions including a Grand Prix. He believes that brands should really stand for something and move people. The days that brands can force themselves on people are over. We have to create fans. It’s just like music: if it moves you, you will sing along or cry a tear.  

“Print is the hardest but also still one of the most beautiful media. Insight and form come together in so purely on a single page.”


Carlo Cavallone, Executive Creative Director, 72andSunny Amsterdam

Carlo is responsible for all creative at 72andSunny Amsterdam. Previously he was at Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam for almost nine years as a writer for Nike, Coca-Cola, Heineken and as a Creative Director for EA Sports and Turkcell. He joined 72andSunny Los Angeles in 2010 as a Creative Director on Sonos and Pirelli. In September 2011, he returned to the Netherlands to oversee brands such as Benetton, Samsung, Google, Diageo and Axe. He’s a former rugby player, a fanzine editor, sci-fi shorts director and a conspiracy theories believer.

"To those who say that print is dead, I say that nothing still beats (good) print in terms of delivering a message clearly and concisely."


Corinne Genestay, Independent Creative Strategist

Corinne grew up on the coast of Brittany and moved to Amsterdam when she was 21. She has worked for many (inter)national clients at, amongst others, KESSELSKRAMER, DDB & TRIBAL, INDIE, DAWN and FHV/BBDO. Her list of awards is seriously impressive (even though she actually didn’t want us to mention this). Her international perspective on life adds an edge to her thinking and she especially cherishes ideas with societal impact. While she likes to use her strategic skills to create new chances, she believes that using your heart is really what makes a difference.

“Get involved. Make your words counts. And help cancer become yesterday’s news.”


Philippe Remarque, Editor-in-chief of De Volkskrant

Philippe studied Russian and started his journalistic career in 1991 as a Moscow correspondent. He later worked as a correspondent Berlin, political reporter in The Hague and as the Washington correspondent for de Volkskrant. He wrote books on Berlin and Barack Obama and was awarded De Tegel, the highest Dutch journalism award, for his coverage of the first Obama election. In 2010 he moved back to Amsterdam to become editor-in-chief of De Volkskrant.  

"Good advertising makes the newspaper interesting and lively for readers. When you take your time to indulge in a newspaper, you open your mind to the world and also to advertiser's stories that are powerfully told."




In 2014 120 creatives joined the Creative Press Challenge. Some of the agencies that competed were Achtung!, Alfred, DDB & Tribal, JWT Amsterdam, KesselsKramer, Woedend! and Sid Lee. The over 100 creatives literally ran for their lives and with every drop of sweat received precious insights into the life of a refugee. We created a unique insights installation combining a tread mill and an Oculus Rift to give participants an experience to never forget. 




And the winner is…

Leon Ragetlie and Gabriela Nouws from J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam are the winners of the Creative Press Challenge 2015! The jury chose this entry because of its smart, rebellious character, which fits with the brand identity of Fight cancer, and because it suits the medium newspaper very well. Their ad was placed in de Volkskrant Friday December 11th, with an exclusive interview. Check their ad here and the pictures of the winners event here.


Number 2 and 3

Also a big shout out to runners up Mirjam Lanting and Lennart van Zanten from IN10. It was a close call between the winner and this team! They did such a good job in producing their ad. Beautiful photography and awesome body copy. Frenkel Schönfeld and Jan-Willem de Man from 72andSunny made the number 3 spot. The power of the simplicity of their idea was immense. Well done! 


Unique and interactive installation

For the Creative Press Challenge 2015 an unique and spectacular installation was created. With every punch and every drop of sweat, bits and pieces of the brief were revealed. Fight to fight cancer. The installation was built by Thijs Biersteker, digital production company MediaMonks and AMP.Amsterdam/Amp.Studios. Check out the casemovie and be inspired.


More than 70 teams joined last year

More than 70 teams joined the Creative Press Challenge 2015. Some of the agencies that competed: Being There, DDB & Tribal, Etcetera, FHV BBDO, Iris Worldwide, Ogilvy, TBWA, Woedend! and True Ideas. Thanks to everyone for joining the competition last year and we can't wait to see which agencies join this year!


De Persgroep chose Fight cancer

In 2015 creatives worked for Fight cancer, trying to distill this iconic charity’s into a single page. They believe in fighting cancer from the perspective of loving life. Their goal is to create more awareness for cancer under young adults and to inspire them to take action by organizing fundraising activities. All funds raised are donated to cancer research in the Netherlands. A modern and rebellious charity that every jury in Cannes will recognize. Click here for more info.


Agency Shortlist 2015

Good ideas only deserve the best. That’s why the Creative Press Challenge is an invitation only competition. Click here to see which agencies were on our Agency Shortlist 2015. Creative directors of these agencies were asked to select their most talented creatives under the age of 30 to join. In September we will publish this year's shortlist. If you're not on the list then, too bad for you. You can always try to win one of our wildcards. These are awarded to young creatives under 30, working for an agency, who convince us that they deserve a spot in the competition. 



They have what it takes - wildcard winners

Our wildcard winners went far. Very far. Overwhelmed by the many wild card requests, we selected 5 winners from the following agencies: FCB Amsterdam, TBWA/NEBOKO, Eigen Fabrikaat, NOISE and Pool Worldwide. And we want to share a few of these with you. So you know what you’re up against next time. Check out what Anne and Siebe from Eigen Fabrikaat did here and the NOISE Young Talent Team here. Wildcard winners have been notified.




The winning entry will be produced and promoted in de Volkskrant. Besides that, de Persgroep will enter it into the Cannes Lions Festival, where more success awaits. The brains behind the work will also get an exclusive interview in de Volkskrant, which is easily torn out to show to your friends and make your mom proud.




How can I join?

Participation is by invitation only. The Agency Shortlist 2016 will be published mid September. If you're not on the list, too bad for you. You can try to win one of our wildcards. These are awarded to young creatives under 30, working for an agency, who convince us that they deserve a spot in the competition. 


How can I submit my work?

Login with your unique participation code, hit the ‘submit’ button and upload your pdf (max. 4 MB). Your work must be uploaded as a black marker sketch.


On which criteria will my work be judged?

Your work will be judged on concept - is the idea clear, original and inspiring, does it fit the identity of the charity and will it appeal to readers of de Volkskrant and worldwide, and execution: is it solid and does it have stopping power.


Will my work be produced?

In 2015 the three best entries were produced in collaboration with de Persgroep. We had reserved a small budget for this and discussed details with the top 3 teams. The jury eventually chose the winning ad from this top 3.


How will my work be placed in de Volkskrant?

The winning work will be placed in de Volkskrant as a full page in December. A good time for charities to do business (New Year's resolutions and stuff).


How does the interview in de Volkskrant work exactly?

The winner gets an exclusive full page interview in de Volkskrant in December. We will discuss details with the winners.


How does submitting the winning work to the Cannes Lions Festival work?

We will send the winning work to Cannes Lions. We will take care of the costs for submitting the work.


Is this a one time thing?

The Creative Press Challenge is an annual competition. We will publish this year’s Agency Shortlist mid September. If you’re not on the list, too bad for you. You can try to win one of our wildcards. ​


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