Creative Press Challenge 2016

Welcome to the new and improved Creative Press Challenge website. We’re proud to be working on the fourth edition of this special competition! After charities related to free press, refugees and cancer, this year we’ve chosen a genre without a voice: plastic. The Plastic Soup Foundation is an iconic charity that has put the consequences of plastic pollution  on the world map. Plastic pollution of marine environments and consequently of our bodies. Read more about the Plastic Soup Foundation here.

Top 3 will be produced
Our talented jury members will select the three best entries, which will be produced. From this top 3 the jury will choose the ad that best reveals the true identity of the Plastic Soup Foundation. The winning ad will be sent off to Cannes and published in de Volkskrant together with an exclusive interview with the winning agency.

Let’s get social
We’ve collected so much awesome content over the years and we’d love to share it with you. Also, we’d love for you to share your thoughts and ideas with us! That’s why we set up a Facebook-group. Check out all the work entered in the last 3 years, photo’s of our events and lots of other interesting stuff. So let’s get social.